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September 20 is coming fast. We need to get the word out ASAP to let every person know they have a better option at the polls.

Many still don't know about Maverick Party. They deserve to know that there is a Party that will stand up for the West, and ONLY the West. We need to get that message out to everyone. We need to give them back hope.

Your generous campaign contributions today will help us purchase signs, advertising, and promotional materials. It will help us evolve our website to serve you better. And it will enable Mark to host events closer to you, so he can tell you about our plan to secure a better future for the West.

Please, donate to Marks Campaign today. Every dollar matters.


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  4. My individual contribution does not exceed $1650 to a combination of Maverick riding associations, candidates and nomination contestants. (Contributions to the Maverick Party do not count towards an individual's annual $1650 limit to a candidate or riding association).
  1. Log into your online banking.
  2. Create a recipient called:    Holly Peterson, Official Agent
  3. Enter the email address:    Mpscampaign2021@gmail.com
  4. In the message area, enter your full name, address, phone. This is very important for tracking who donations came from.
  1. Make cheques payable to:  Maverick Party official Agent Holly Peterson
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Your Donation of* Tax Credit Back to You Actual (Net) Cost
$50 $37.50 $12.50
$100 $75 $25
$400 $300 $100
$750 $475 $275
$1650 (2021 Maximum) $650 $975

* Donations are non-refundable in accordance with Elections Canada rules. Typical non-refundable tax credits:

  • Donations up to $400:    75% tax credit
  • Donations between $400 and $750:    $300 tax credit plus 50% of any amount over $400
  • Donations over $750:    $475 tax credit plus 33-1/3% of any amount over $750, to a maximum of $650 per year.

For more information about political donations and tax credits, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website and Elections Canada.

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